“BEFIR” is a distinguished independent film production and distribution company based in Kurdistan Iran that prides itself on its social responsibility, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to the satisfaction and motivation of its collaborators. Our primary objective is to foster a healthy and secure environment for independent filmmaking. We achieve this by connecting filmmakers with international companies and professionals who can offer funding and expertise.

As a company, we are dedicated to supporting independent filmmakers and helping them bring their visions to life. We aim to showcase their work at international film festivals and markets with the utmost professionalism. We firmly believe that every filmmaker has the right to shine, regardless of their background or financial resources. Therefore, we pay special attention to young, female, and student filmmakers, providing them with the support they need to overcome financial challenges and excel in their craft.
“BEFIR” has achieved remarkable success in producing a diverse range of independent across all genres films. Our films have garnered widespread acclaim and have been recognized with numerous prestigious international awards. Additionally, our film distribution department has excelled in securing screenings at hundreds of esteemed festivals worldwide.

Our Distribution Department is continuously striving to expand our presence in international film markets. We aim to inspire viewers to embrace independent films and encourage international investors to participate in our projects. By ensuring a professional supply chain and promoting independent filmmaking as a viable competitor to studio productions, we provide audiences with a wider array of choices. Independent films often delve into deep layers of culture and humanity, prioritizing the voices of independent artists and delivering unique and thought-provoking experiences.

At “BEFIR”, we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. Together, we can champion independent filmmaking, empower talented filmmakers, and enrich the world of cinema with its diverse and captivating stories.


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